Paper Batteries to Power Laptops, Drive Cars

Posted by Amar on March - 10 - 2010

Scientists at the Stanford University, USA, have the reported that they have successfully turned a specific type of paper (coated with ink made of silver and carbon Nano materials) into a “paper battery”. This recent development holds promise for a new kind of lightweight, high-performance energy storage.

There is a specific feature which helps ink stick to the surface of a paper. The same feature also allows it to hold on to the single-walled carbon nanotubes and silver nanowire films. Earlier research had found that silicon nanowires could be used to make batteries 10 times as powerful as lithium-ion- batteries, which are currently used to power devices such as laptops.

Taking advantage of the mature paper technology, low-cost and high-performance energy storage are realized by using conductive paper as current collectors and electrodes. This type of battery could be useful in powering electric or hybrid vehicles.   It may be mentioned here that battery weight and life have been an obstacle to commercial viability of electric-powered cars and trucks. It may be also play a big role in making electrical appliances lightweight and long-lasting, and may even lead someday to paper battery is that in addition to being useful for portable electronics and wearable electronics, the paper supercapitators  can also be used for all kinds of applications that require instant high power.

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