Breath- Controlled Mobiles

Posted by Amar on March - 7 - 2010

As per a report released in mid-January 2010, it will soon be possible to answer a call on the mobile phone without touching a button. Such mobile phones, equipped with the revolutionary breath- controlled technology, will soon be available in the market. The breath- controlled technology is called Sensawaft. It has been developed by Zyxio, a US firm. The new technology will be used by as wide a range of gadgets as possible, including in aids for disabled people, as well as in hands-free mobile phones.

Sensawaft  is powered by micro-electromechanical system, tiny chips that can be embedded in other devices, such as a video game or hands-free mobile phone headset. The possibilities of this technology are endless. It even has potential for the military and factory workers, who need to use both their hands continually. Another added functionality would surely be of much for such people.

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