Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Posted by Amar on February - 12 - 2012

Microsoft has confirmed that it will release a trial version of the upcoming OS to anyone who wants to give it a spin later this month.

The company will unveil the Windows 8 Consumer Preview also known as Windows 8 Beta will be launched at an event in Barcelona on February 29th.

The operating system is the most drastic overhaul of Windows since the release of Windows 95, building off of many elements of its Windows Phone 7 OS.

Windows 8 is designed with tablets and touchscreen computing in mind and with an eye toward integration over all Microsoft’s computing devices.

The revolutionized ecosystem is only the most obvious part of Microsoft’s redesign, however.

Better support for multiple monitors, a more enhanced touch experience, and support for both x86 and ARM processors are just a few of the changes coming to Windows 8.

Windowsworld.In will share the download links here as soon as possible as they are available.

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