Windows 8 Installation step by step

Posted by Amar on November - 3 - 2011

Microsoft recently released Windows 8 Developer preview. also shared download links to all its viewers for downloading the Windows 8 Operating system. (Download it from here)

Let’s see what’s new & how to setup the Windows 8. I’m installing the Windows 8 on my virtualized lad environment. You can install the operating system in all Virtualized products like Microsoft Hyper-V, Vmware workstation and also on Virtual Box.

There is no much difference in windows os installation steps. The steps are mostly looking like Windows 7 & Vista installation. Overall it looks very slick, but to me it feels more like “Windows for tablets” to me than a traditional laptop/desktop OS. I can’t see yet how this is better than a traditional desktop for my non-touch laptop, but it’s early days and I will continue to play. For tablets it’s looking really good. The windows live integration also looks quite smart.











































































































































Networking, sound and other virtual hardware issues were non-existing, everything just works right out of the box. Adding more than 1GB memory to the VM also helps a lot when it comes to it’s responsiveness.

Hope every one enjoyed & learned the Windows 8 step by step installation. If you have any doubts on Windows 8 installation do let me know, I will help you to solve your issues.

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