Mind Typing

Posted by Amar on April - 29 - 2011


It has been a long- standing dream of computer users to be able to type without using a keyboard, and to type using only the mind. Now, that dream has become a reality, thanks to a new technology named intendiX- which is basically a device that can spell words based on user’s brain waves.

According to a report released by Discovery news, the new device is essentially a skull cap, covered in electroencephalographic (EEG) electrodes, with a computer interface. The wearer of the “magic cap” stares at a computer screen, which flashes highlights over different rows in a matrix of letters and symbols set up like a keyboard on the screen. Simply by paying attention to the desired letter for a few seconds, the program can determine what the user intended to pick.

The intendiX, developed by Austrian company Guger Technologies, would be a blessing for those with spinal injuries or other conditions that impair use of arms or vocal cords. According to the developers, most people become competent thought- communicators after 10 minutes of training on the system and are able to spell out five to ten characters per minute. The user can make it read the message out loud, print the text, or send it via e-mail or other electronic messaging systems.

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