IIS 7.0 Reference

Posted by Amar on February - 16 - 2011

I have been trying to provide some information’s and guides to all Windowsworld.in readers. I hope my website have lot of Ms Windows server administrator subscribers and readers. Among these subscribers one of my friend was asking me to provide the IIS Server related books and reference files.

So finally I got those reference file in the complied help file format. This means now you can read and learn all IIS Related stuffs in offline. IIS Config Reference is a store of all IIS configuration parameters with examples of accessing those parameters from command line, Java Scripts, VB Scripts and the IIS API’s. It’s a great quick start place for IIS admin’s who like to automate their environments.

The Reference file can be downloaded from here

Ø  IIS 7.0 Reference Book

Ø  IIS 7.5 Reference Book

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