TV That Emits Odour To Match Images

Posted by Amar on January - 7 - 2011

While watching a cookery show on TV, most viewers feel like partaking the delicious food items being prepared, or at least get some olfactory satisfaction by way of the smell of the delicacies. This could soon turn in to reality.  According to a report published in THE TELEGRAPH on October 22, 2010, scientists at Keio University, Japan, have developed a “SMELL-O-VISION” TV which can emit smell pt the picture on the display.

The TV, according to the scientists, will release a candy floss smell when the image shows a fair ground and can even emit the briny scent of the sea side when people look at their holiday photographs. The technology used is the television makes printers spray small amounts of rather than ink. It involves the ink-jet printer’s ability to eject tiny pulses of material to achieve precise control. In the experiment, a team adapted a CANON PRINTER to squirt four “ingredient” scents and managed to get hints of mints, grape full, cinnamon, lavender, apple and vanilla, for a fraction of second.

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