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Installing IIS 8 on Windows server 2012

Posted by Amar on June - 14 - 2012

      Installing IIS 8 on Windows server 2012 Windows 2012 is new and lots of changes are there accordingly, the user experience has changed as well since it has been built based on the Windows 8 platform. Let’s see how to configure the IIS server by using the  [ Read More ]

SSL Improvements in IIS 8.0

Posted by Amar on May - 15 - 2012

SSL Improvements in IIS 8.0  Microsoft Introduced IIS Webserver 8.0 with the recent beta release of Windows server 8. IIS 8.0 has lot of new features focused/aimed to serve large scale web hosts. There are substantial performance improvements to handle thousands of sites on a single server farm. Fine, let  [ Read More ]

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